Inch's is committed to providing you with the necessary information to allow you to enjoy our great cider.

What apples are used to make Inch's Cider?

Our cider is made from 100% British Apples, grown within 40miles of our mill. We use 27 varieties of apples in our cider.

Does Inch's Cider contain any artificial sweetners, colour or flavours?

No, Inch's Cider does not contain any artificial sweetners, colour or flavours

What is the best way to enjoy Inch's Cider?

Inch's cider should be stored in a cool, dry place and kept well chilled.

Is Inch's cider vegan friendly?

Yes, all ingredients used in the production of Inch's cider are vegan.

What packs are available for Inch's Cider?

Inch's Cider is available in 500ml bottle, 4x440ml cans and 10x440ml cans.